Abundant Life Worship Center


Abundant Life is a loving church that continues to flourish as lives are transformed through its threefold purpose to evangelize, edify and equip the whole man; spirit, soul and body, to lead a joyous, abundant, and victorious Christian life.



The Abundant Life Worship Center Church was originally established as the True Cornerstone Church of Christ in 1968, under the leadership of Bishop James E. Gandy, Sr., with a membership consisting of 5 adults, his wife, Mother Callie Gandy and ten children. Services were held in a small store front church building located on the corners of Delaware and Artic Avenues in Atlantic City, NJ. One year later they purchased a church on 326 W. Wright Street in Pleasantville, NJ, affectionately known as "The Rock".

True Cornerstone Church quickly become well known for its powerful deliverance ministry, uplifting worship and its high standards of holy of living and integrity. The church continued to grow, attracting many young families to the teaching of Bishop James E. Gandy, Sr., on holiness, the family and prosperity. Under his leadership, the church established programs to minister to young and old, those in poverty, and those who simply needed a helping hand. In 1991, the church relocated to its present site in Egg Harbor City, NJ. From these humble beginnings, Bishop James E. Gandy, Sr., started a ministry that would reach thousands through its weekly radio broadcast and outreach ministries.

Bishop James E. Gandy, Sr. & his wife Mother Callie Gandy

The Legacy Began...

Today, Abundant Life Worship Center Church is one of the most influential churches in South Jersey, serving it’s community through its many outreach ministries. In 2006, a prominent property was purchased in downtown Egg Harbor City and named the “James E. Gandy, Sr. Building”. Since it’s inception, the James E. Gandy Sr. Building has provided families in need with emergency relief services (utilities, food, clothes), Women’s Infants and Children Feeding Program (WIC), First Class Secondhand Boutique, after school programs for the youth, annual school supplies give-a-way, as well as other programs that have benefited the community. Bishop John Gandy and his wife Patricia launched “Family Matters” a ministry designed to educate, encourage, and equip families with biblical principles and strategies for creating a positive family life experience, which aired weekly on local radio and the ministry’s “Living the Abundant Life” television broad-cast aired weekly on local television.


The Vision Grows...

Our Faith

We believe in the triune God, maker of all creation, who is the all-knowing, all powerful, ever-present eternal Father, the source of all goodness, truth, and love.

We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ as the son of God, who died on the cross in our place as the supreme sacrifice for sin, was buried in a tomb, but rose again on the third day and is now exalted as King of kings and the Lord of lords and will soon return to earth with all power and Glory.

We believe in the divine inspiration of the scriptures and that the Word of God is the sufficient rule of faith and practice, and the final authority for truth and salvation.

We believe in water baptism by immersion.

We believe in the in filling of the Holy Spirit which will lead and guide believers as they pursue Godly living. (I Peter 1:16)

We believe in the Church, established by the Lord as a spiritual community for worship, stewardship, and service to God and men.

We believe in the Judgment Day, when all men will stand before God to account for their lives, where the unconverted will be punished, and the true Christians will receive their just rewards.

We believe in tithing and offerings as the method of supporting the work of the Lord, as ordained in Malachi 3:8-10.



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